I’ve come to the realisation that consuming better is easier than consuming less! As I have sought to live more sustainably, I’ve made many small changes. I still however have many many areas where I can live more justly. I don’t tend to write about the things that aren’t going so well!

Do what you can…and then do a bit more.


I’ve switched from using Tresemme shampoo and conditioner daily to (mostly) using Lush shampoo (in a bottle) and conditioner (bar), along with reducing washing to every other day.

Dove soap → Lush bar soap (no plastic packaging)

Plastic toothbrush → Bamboo toothbrush

Sanitary towels and tampons → CSP and Mooncup

Roll on deodorant → deodorant bar from Lush and Faith in Nature deodorant stick (for more sweaty days!)

Supermarket baby bubble bath → Humphrey’s Corner bubble bath (recycled plastic bottles) and I’m going to try Lush bubble bars

Supermarket toilet roll → Who Gives a Crap? 

Disposable razor → Recycled razor

Makeup from Boots → makeup from Green People

Wet wipes → Cheeky Wipes and Naty wipes

Disposable nappies → Cloth nappies and Naty nappies

Perfume  → an organic natural perfume


Snact – fruit jerky made from food waste in a compostable packet

Pasta and rice in boxes

Loose leaf tea

Fairtrade tea and coffee

Milk in glass bottles

Sandwich wraps

Vegetables, meat and fruit from Church Farm 

Squash’d and Rocks

Pre-loved bread machine

Nutella → Mr Organic Chocolate spread

Supermarket peanut butter → Meridian peanut butter

Supermarket tuna → tuna caught by a line e.g. The Reel Fish Co Tuna

Tesco → Ocado

[I’ll add a section on laundry and cleaning products in a while – need to do some more research!]

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