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Lost Stock

Exactly four months ago, I placed an order with Lost Stock. The impact of coronavirus meant that many clothing companies cancelled orders leaving the workers in Bangladesh unpaid (and at risk of not being able to buy food) with the clothes heading to landfill.

So I placed an order: for £35 (plus postage) I would be sent at least three items of clothing within 6-8 weeks. There were a few questions to answer about the style of clothes I liked and my age. I lied as I think (at age 41) I wear 35-40 rather than 41-50. They have now changed the way that question is phrased to allow for people who ‘dress younger or older’ as well as expanding the age brackets.

Logistical problems (which they did keep me informed about) meant it took four months for the clothes to arrive but it was worth waiting for. Even though they are from the summer range, two can be worn in the colder months with some additional layers.

I received three stylish tops so definitely worth the money. Two of them I think I will wear often. The third is a bit frilly for me – I felt like a lampshade. I realised that for the last three years my clothes have come mostly from charity shops so it was a really good feeling to have some shiny, new clothes. Yet, still a purchase that was doing good.

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