Shalom; God’s Promise of Peace

I read this blog from my friend who writes at Graceful Reflections this afternoon. It blew me away and so I wanted to share it.

Graceful Reflections


The angel led me to a huge wooden door. He opened the door and spoke,


I looked out on to an open plain. Verdant grass sprouted up from the ground and in the distance was a pool of clear water. Elephants stood at the edge, some were drinking and others cooled their feet in the shallows. A howl broke the silence. They were not alone.

To the left came a pack of wolves, ambling towards the water. On the other side of the pool was something soft and white, like a cloud had fallen from the sky and was resting on the ground. The cloud moved, not gliding along, but frolicking. My eyes widened in horror; I was watching a baby lamb. I was unable to move or speak, I could only watch.

The wolves came closer; the group split into two and began to encircle the lamb. I…

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