Ethical living

Wrapping paper, toilet roll and Rocks

Consuming better is definitely easier than consuming less.

This week’s top new buys are:

A collection of old maps (20p each from a charity shop) which I’m intending to use instead of wrapping paper along with biodegradable string rather than sellotape.


WragWrap This is another – more expensive – wrapping paper substitute but one I hope to use for a long time and that will become a family tradition.


Who Gives a Crap toilet roll: it’s 100% recycled, has no plastic packaging and they give half of their profits to Water Aid. As they say on their website:

More people in the world have a mobile phone than access to a toilet. Think about that next time you’re texting on the loo.  


I’ve ordered 48 so Small Boy and Little Miss are currently having a lot of fun building towers (Small Boy) and knocking them over (Little Miss). Little Miss is enjoying putting the rolls back into the big box.


We may have problems when Small Boy starts phonics at school!

One of my vices is blackcurrant squash. I’ve started buying Rocks which comes in a glass bottle and Squash’d which is super concentrated (therefore less plastic) as part of our zero waste journey.


I’m certainly enjoying consuming better: consuming less isn’t as fun or interesting. One area in which I have succeeded is reducing my use of shampoo and conditioner. Having washed my hair daily for years, I have now cut down to every other day thereby halving my use of hair products.

I’m already thinking about Christmas and how to celebrate in ways which are in line with seeking to live justly. It’s certainly going to be a challenge.

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