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Further Adventures in Just Living: Fashion Revolution and Plastic Oceans

Do Something is the third and final section of the Who Made My Clothes course so here is my Fashion Revolution Pledge.

  1. Ask Who Made My Clothes? i.e. contact brands and ask them about their supply chains
  2. Buy fewer new clothes and purchase what I need not what I want. I have a ‘rest day’ coming up soon so am planning to peruse some of the local charity shops.
  3. Buy from ethical and fair trade brands. I have just found Monkee Genes and am looking forward to buying some – next time I need jeans!
  4. Sign petitions, such as this one from Labour Behind the Label, and email policy makers
  5. Spread the Fashion Revolution message (that’s what this blog is about!) Look at the easy-to-read Fashion Revolution white paper, follow them on Facebook and get involved with Fashion Revolution Day in 2018.


July was Plastic Free July. Hopefully you read an article in the press or on social media about the problem with plastic, particularly single use plastic. If you want to find out more, have a look at the Plastic Oceans Foundation’s website.

Or you can watch this episode of Octonauts featuring pelicans and plastic debris as Small Boy and I did this morning!


I’m making simple changes:

  • Saying no to plastic bags
  • Not buying bottled water
  • Switching to reusable sanitary protection – feel free to ask me if you want to know more about Mooncups and cloth sanitary pads!
  • Using a deodorant bar

Today a friend has given me some reusable nappies to try with Little Miss and I’ve ordered solid shampoo and conditioner. Hopefully, these will be successful!


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