I love a girl who reads

I’m not great at small talk but I’ve discovered that when someone asks me what I am reading, the conversation can flow.

My current pile of books includes:

Understanding Voluntary Organizations: How to Make Them Function Effectively by Charles Handy

Rhythms of Grace: Finding intimacy with God in a busy life by Tony Horsfall

Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome

Reading the first two books simultaneously has got me thinking about the link between contemplative prayer and social justice. This is something I want to explore and develop – maybe even write a Just Reflections book! If I have time, there’ll be another blog post later this week.

You may wonder how I find the time to read (and write!) when looking after Small Boy (an active, bright three-year-old) and Little Miss (who is now a wriggly-giggly five month old who loves food, her big brother and observing the world around her). The practical answer is a bit at a time, I mostly use the Kindle app on my phone and I neglect other tasks! Mr P is currently washing up while I sit typing at the computer.


The real explanation though is that without books, without words, with no alternative reality to hide away in when I need to, without constant new input, I am diminished in some way. I’ll read pretty much anything.

I like to think I resemble the girl in this spoken word poem and if I don’t, then I want to!

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