Advent: Using social media for good

Seasons: as I walked down the road I live on last week, I realised how much I like the seasons of the natural world. The trees that a few weeks ago were covered in the beautiful colours of autumn are now bare. It’s almost winter.

I also appreciate the rhythm of the seasons in the church calendar and today marks the beginning of Advent. Since 2013, the year I had my Advent baby, I have had a new appreciation of Advent as a season of waiting and anticipation.


In previous years, I have taken a break from social media as part of my preparation for Christmas. This year, I want to continue in my quest to use social media for good rather than disengaging. So, I’m seeking to i) use it as a tool to connect with friends in meaningful ways ii) grow in my understanding – both in my head and in my heart of the deep truths of Advent and Christmas (through Mummas: The Word) and iii) as a prompt for prayer.

The temptation remains for me to look online rather than in the room. Taking Facebook and Twitter off my phone has helped with that but I still struggle. So, I’ll also be consciously trying to be present with those who are physically with me and giving them my best (they’re all asleep right now!).

I’m printing this off and sticking to the computer monitor as a reminder.

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